How to measure women's underwear

* How to measure Bra size, Bra - Bra:
Preparation: 1 meter wire in cm - Measured in size in Vietnam or use

* Measurement steps:

- Step 1: Measure the back (chest).

Using a measuring tape placed at the base of the chest, straighten the tape so that the cover is close to 
the back. Keep the measuring tape straight so that it is not too tight or too loose, write down the measure
of this step. This is the measurement of the Loop (Bust) of your shirt to look for

- Step 2: Measuring the tops of the chest is the measurement of the tension on the chest standing upright,
two hands placed on the side, placing the ruler on the highest area of ​​the chest. Note when measuring the size of the chest when you wear a lingerie with no pushing frames. Just like
not holding too tight or too loose as long as straight and comfortable is fine, write down the measure of
this step.

Step 3: Find Jacket Size = Measure Step 2 - Measure Step 1 (Difference: Peak - Feet). We get the
number X. Get this number compared to the table below to get Cup Size (Cup Austria) * Note: The back of the shirt has two numbers: 30 (65), number 30 in inches, 65 in cm * Example: A80 size jacket - Leg 80: The back is 78-82 cm - Cup A: There is a difference in the chest - chest, fluctuating in the range of: 12-14 cm * Convert size in inches ~ cm: - Size 32 inches - corresponding 70 cm - Size 34 inches - 75 cm - Size 36 inches - 80 cm - Size 38 inches - 85 cm respectively - Size 40 inches - corresponding 90 cm - Size 42 inches - 95 cm
* The size of Austria in Vietnam in cm is largely so easy to grasp. But with this guide you can also 
apply to measure the size of bras in inches of European countries. If you are unfamiliar with using converting table 1, you can use this table 2: * How to measure women's underwear: - Option 1: Choose female underwear based on measurements of the butt: + Buttocks less than 90 cm: size M + Buttocks 90 - 98 cm: size L + Buttocks over 98 cm: size XL - Method 2: Calculate the size by weight (this way is relative depends on the butt and abdomen
of her
sister) Size M for Sisters <= 45kg + Size L for sisters from 45 kg to 55 kg + Size XL for Sisters from 55kg to 62kg

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