Shopping guide

When shopping online, you can choose one of the following ways.

Option 1: Call 028 5408 5255 - 028 3812 3146 - 028 7307 8886, press the number 240 to see the online
sales department. Online sales staff will record your order information. Method 2: Order on the website Step 1: You can visit website annie .vn and make the following simple order: - Enter information when you know the product in the search box, you will get results immediately
after completion.

- Click on each product category to search

Step 2: Find the product you want to buy - After finding the product you want to buy, you order
or if you want to buy more products you add products to the basket and go back to other products
to buy more. * This process can be repeated until you finish all the products that need to be ordered
in the cart. - At the cart page, you can click "Delete" if you want to cancel the selected product to buy
another product.

Once you have selected the product you want to buy, click on the PAYMENT button and fill out the
personal information panel. * The personal information of the consignee needs to be filled in correctly and fully so that the product
reaches the customer quickly.

Choose form of payment

+ Payment upon receipt of goods

+ Online payment by ATM card

+ Online payment by Visa / Master Card

- If you have a discount code, fill in the box below "CODE REDUCE" - After filling out the information
and checking the order, price, please click on the button COMPLETE send to the annie. Annie will send
you an Email or will call back to confirm the order and delivery information.

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